Glazing till Cone 6

When I was in school, I was never much of a wheel thrower. I think part of it was the task of throwing a 10 inch tall pot. The sad part, is I was totally jaded by the experience. Now that I am working at this amazing ceramic studio, I decided to try again. I am currently in Wheel Throwing 1. I have had so much fun with it! I have already made some mugs, and bowls and practiced on making different shapes. No offense to my old professor, but he never seemed interested in teaching me those skills. Now I know them, and I can’t wait to get into the studio each day.

Since Wheel 1 fires to cone 6. My first tests will be cone 6 glazes. I am currently using premade glazes and seeing how they fire, and layer together. I also have 2 different recipes I will be trying out. One is a pink colored glaze and the other a purple.

By the way, did you know that electric kilns are oxidation firings? What this means is that the chemicals are reacting to the air around them, and pulling the oxygen from the air. In reduction firings, you are eliminating the oxygen from the air, so the kiln steals it from the chemicals or glazes. Those give you your deeper colors while the oxidation gives you some lighter colors.

Write more later!


Breath life into Clay

I just started working at this amazing ceramic studio.

It has been wonderful to work with clay again, I have forgotten how much I love it, and how much I missed it. I mainly manage the kilns, and having pulled out customers/ artists’ pieces has re-sparked my interest in glazing.

So here is what I am going to do, well, try to do. I am going to post about my glazes, the tests, how they worked out, and also interesting facts about glazes and clays.  We will see how all of this works, I am very excited.

Too Many Days

It has been a little too long since I last typed in here. I have been so busy with the holiday season. ( working in retail can do that to a girl!)

I have finished reading “Out of Oz” and it was amazing! Maguire did a fantastic job with the series, four books about Braum’s Oz but twisted and renewed into something completely different. In ” Out of Oz” books and letters, and writings become so very important. The story wraps up some of the loose ends, but still keeps a mystery about the wonderful Elphaba.

I was also able to see Wicked over Thanksgiving as part of my Christmas present. The musical was more amazing than I could imagine it pulled so much from the books- the costumes were wonderous, and everything sucked you into this new world that so darkly represents our human traits.

I am currently reading  two books loaned out to me, and soon I will begin reading ” Oryx and Crake” I am very excited. I have also been listening to ” Fellowship of the Ring” while driving to and from work every day. So far these stories have yet to twist into my dreams- but I am sure that will soon change.

As for the 365 day challenge- I have painted my window something I haven’t done in years; created several scarves and worked on knotting some bracelets. It has been a successful couple of weeks and I look forward to the rest of it.

I have also started researching the idea of selling my artwork, if I can find a good place to sell it. I am a little nervous about this but excited as well.



One of my best friends and I  started a challenge; we created a list of  365 things to create throughout the next year or so. Some of the challenges are easy such as animals, or favorite foods others are a little more challenging like a smell, yourself as a color, or a flowchart of your brain.

I plan to use wordpress to show some of those ideas and maybe get some new ones. I also plan to share what I am currently reading, and other thoughts and ideas. Two of my friends and one of my professors inspired me to start this, so we will see where it goes.

In case you were wondering; the first drawing challenge was on July 11, 2011 and it was #76 yourself as a Misfit and your power.  This was based on the BBC show the Misfits, who are these delinquents who get struck by lightening and get powers. The powers sort of reflect their personalities ( for example the loner who feels invisible can become invisible, but not necessarly by choice)

For this one, I decided that I could talk to rodents such as rats, mice and gerbils. I have had a lot of these animals and I constantly talk to them and feel like I would get this strange random power that would evidently be useful.

I am currently reading ” Out of Oz” the fourth in the “Wicked” series by Gregory Maguire, as always its excellent! Will write quotes about it later.

With all my love,